About Amtra

Amtra Group – is a capital group formed from the merger of three companies – Amtra, Nanochem and Five Star Polska.

During over 30 years  of activity, it has achieved the position of the leader on the domestic market of distribution and production of car chemistry products and professional cleaning chemicals. It is also a general distributor of over 20 renowned brands from the automotive chemistry industry.

By taking these products into our portfolio, we represent these global companies in the national market. As per our mission statement, Amtra is responsible for brand-building and distribution on the Polish market. The vast majority of the brands that make up Amtra’s portfolio occupy either first or second place in their respective categories. These products also offer unique features in terms of utility and/ or quality. Our portfolio includes: The legendary multiuse product WD-40; The iconic, Christmas-tree air freshener WUNDER-BAUM®; The fuel additive STP – a brand which has also enjoyed success in motor sports; Turtle Wax – a leading innovator in the car care industry for over 60 years; Permatex – a company with over 100 years of experience on the professional car care market, catering to auto-shops and car services.

Amtra’s market experience led to the creation of its Moje Auto brand, an innovative line of car care products. In 2011, we introduced the newly developed, advanced cooling system fluid Mobiler LongLife.

Amtra Ltd. merged with Nanochem Company – creating Amtra Capital Group.

This merger has facilitated a new flow of knowledge, technology, expertise, and capital between the two companies. Amtra’s portfolio was greatly enriched, thanks to the addition of Nanochem’s CLINEX brand – professional cleaning chemicals, designed for use in HORECA canals, in commercial buildings and industrial facilities, in offices, schools, public structures, and more. The company also plays a significant role in private label production for our clients.

Amtra offers its partners a guarantee of profitability and high turnover of goods. We support the distribution of our products through promotions and brand building – frequent marketing and advertising campaigns directed at the end customer.

Over the past several years Amtra, has successfully expanded its export activity – especially in “private label” production and the export of our Moje Auto brand. These products have already become fixtures in a number of foreign markets and we are constantly expanding.


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