Our Brands

Our export offer consists of our own products represented by brands:

  • Moje Auto  – a wide line of professional car care products
  • MA Professional – is a new line of products for professional use in workshops and any specialized services dealing with the maintenance and repair of cars.
  • CLINEX EXPERT+ – professional car wash products
  • Moje Auto VIRAGE – Car Accessories
  • CLINEX SAFE FOR YOU, SAFE FOR EARTH – professional cleaning products for gastronomy, hotel and industry use

Amtra Group, can provide its customers with service of production under private label, where our offer includes among others:

  • filling into containers of various capacity (from 50ml. ÷ 1000l.)
  • labeling
  • packing products into consumer or trade unit packs
  • sealing products with a heat shrinkable film

We are currently looking for distributors of our export brands all over the world, especially outside Europe.

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