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19 March 2024 | News

NOVELTY in the offer MOJE AUTO!

We would like to inform you that as of March 18th 2024, new products are being introduced to the Amtra Group offer:
Moje Auto Detailer X-NEON PRO Wheel And Tire Cleaner
In two capacities:
19-676 – 750 ml
19-677 – 5l

X-NEON is acid-free formula designed to effectively and easily clean rims and tires. It effectively eliminates stubborn dirt, brake dust and other contaminants, leaving rims clean and shiny. Its specially created formula allows for thorough cleaning of tires, deeply penetrating dirt and removing even the most stubborn contaminants. The product significantly reduces the time needed to clean even heavily soiled rims and tires. It contains corrosion inhibitors.

More information on API Amtra

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